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Vintone offers a wide selection of high-quality socks that have been designed to ensure that these socks are never a source of discomfort. We are a leading socks manufacturer and wholesaler in India, dealing with all kinds of socks.

Our socks are best known for their numerous quality characteristics such as softness, fine finish, and smooth texture. These are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the client. Furthermore, our extensive distribution network enables us to deliver our products in various parts of the country within a reasonable time frame. Our selection of socks includes men's socks, ladies’ socks, children's socks, cotton socks, woolen socks, terry socks, ankle socks, and designer socks.

We are trying to carry the legacy forward to the 3rd generation of the family that owned this business which is making every possible effort to make these brands a household and trying our level best to ensure that our socks reach every household of our country

We have maintained high standards while producing high-quality socks, particularly sports and school socks. All the materials have been imported from the best 8 biggest manufacturers in the world.

Our factories are designed to meet buyer requirements for Design Quality and Social Compliances.

Socks Quality

Vintone Socks are available in a variety of fine fabrics to accommodate varying levels of comfort.


Our vision

We want to be the textile expert at the top of the business based on the best quality that is supposed to be made by conducting a market survey in order to create enjoyable goods that everyone wants to get.

We continue to research them for a more fashionable design and more comfortable walking. Making progress with visual designers on a total brand; branding, packaging, labelling, and products.

Our mission

We serve a large number of clients throughout India who appreciate our consistent quality, competitive pricing, and personalized service Our Primary Goal is to make sure that every foot is touched by our Vintone socks.

Socks Fabric

We provide the finest cotton in the world. The best combination of materials is used to ensure maximum comfort and topmost priority is given to ensure that the material is suitable for all skin types.

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